We provide bench testing services (drilling and milling) using small engines.

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"LLC Perfobur" carries out a careful selection of reagents and adaptation of the properties of the drilling fluid to a specific customer.

Drilling fluid for the Perfobur system provides:

  1. The required holding and transporting capacity of the drilling fluid for the carrying out of chips and sludge during milling of the casing and drilling.
  2. Decrease or complete elimination of the influence of the solution on the reservoir properties
  3. High mechanical drilling speed and penetration by one bit due to the absence of a solution of a solid clay phase in the system.
  4. High lubricating properties to facilitate the passage of the Slim Mud Motor and flexible pipes, to prevent sticking in highly curved and horizontal sections.
  5. Reducing the negative impact on the environment due to the fact that toxic chemicals are not used.

Mud properties are monitored at the well using a portable laboratory.


A line of assemblies for milling and drilling with ultra-short radius of curvature

  • for open hole
  • for cased hole 160 mm
  • for liner 114 mm



Modern software for monitoring and processing bench test results.

Complete technological support of the customer

  • selection of candidate wells for work
  • evaluation of the initial well production rate
  • round-the-clock monitoring of all technological parameters by Perfobur engineers directly at the cluster site
  • estimation of the actual channels trajectories by conducting inclinometry and report preparation on the work performed