Underground equipment

The design of the «Perfobur» technical system (TS) layout is made in a modular design for easy assembly at the wellhead.

Application of TS «Perfobur» allows to enter formation without conducting preparatory operations and perform work immediately after milling the windows with a special layout. The use of a system of removable baffling slips significantly reduces the time required to build channels.

The modular design allows to create skeleton-like, branched channels with a predicted trajectory in both open (limestone) and cased hole during the secondary drilling of productive reservoirs of oil and gas condensate fields.

Special injection sub, improves the transporting ability of the drilling fluid and reduces the risk of sticking, including differential.

Running into the well of the assembly is carried out on tubing, coiled tubing or drill pipes.


Bits and Mills

The Perfobur company uses special PDC bits.

The diameters of the bits - 2 3/16" - 2 3/4". The diameter of the mills - 3".

When designing the drill bit for «Perfobur», the emphasis was on the butt end and sizing part to ensure better feed range. When working on a test bench, several dozen bit designs were tested.

Downhole drilling motor and transmission section

The «Perfobur» system uses unique domestic Downhole drilling motors (DDM) with a diameter of 1 3/4" to 2 3/16" mm, developed according to our technical specifications. The downhole motor design allows to drill channels along the predicted trajectory with the necessary angle buildup.

All used sections of special DDM pass bench runnings at the company testing bench.

In the design process, much attention was paid to the development of a special transmission section, since the effectiveness of the drilling process depends on the quality of its execution. The company has a patent for the transmission section of its own design.

Anchor system

The optimal solution for anchoring the «Perfobur» installation layout is to use a profile packer, which allows for a better and more reliable fixation of the layout.

A unique feature of the Perfobur TS is the possibility of multiple entry into an already drilled channel, for example, for geophysical measurements, production stimulation during interventions and or subsequent workover.