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Application area
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  • Stimulation to bypass Near- and Far- wellbore damage: drilling the channels through the zone with positive skin factor will remove the formation damage due to organic, scale build ups, retrograde condensate and other phenomena;
  • Deep Rock Chemical treatments: pumping of surfactants, binary reactive fluids, acids or other chemicals through drilled channels below the frac-gradient for formation stimulation, near-wellbore damage treatment, permeability modification treatment;
  • Alternative to frac for wells with a proximity to oil-water and oil-gas contacts. Radial drilling of channels eliminates the frac-risks of a breakthrough into water or gas zones;
  • Multichannel completion in layered formations: to drill a network of radial channels in layered reservoirs with high interlayered compartmentalization to complete and produce from each streak;
  • Combination with remedial cement squeeze: in wells when water crossflow behind the casing occurs the remedial cement operation such as squeeze is performed. Afterwards the channels are drilled with controlled trajectories to re-complete the reservoir and further to minimize the risk of water breakthrough behind the casing.