Field testing of new technology


In 2019, the Perfobur company developed and tested in field conditions the technology of hydromonitor development of uncased channels with hydrochloric acid solution after branched directional drilling of multi-channel channels using the Perfobur technical system (TS).

At the wells, 2 channels of 7 m long and 2 channels of 14 m each were drilled. After drilling each channel, directional survey studies were conducted to confirm the design trajectory of the formation. After that, in each channel, a spot acid treatment was conducted through a jet nozzle designed by «Perfobur» LLC according to the «fir branch» scheme.

18.5 m3 and 48 m3 of acid were pumped into the wells, respectively. In the channel drilling works, a non-removable anchor module was used, which will make it possible to enter the channels many times in the future for their repair, for example, the layout with the Perfobur water-jet nozzle for acid treatments.

Wells were put into operation with fluid rates of 12 m3 / day and 51 m3 / day.