First in world successful installation of slotted liner filter in ultra-short radius radial slim-hole


For the  first time in the world practice, the slotted liner filter was successfully run and installed in the ultra-short radius radial slim-hole.

Field job was executed as planned in Yamal Peninsula.

The well producing oil and gas-condensate was reworked by PERFOBUR. Job included operations of milling the window in casing, followed by drilling and surveying the hole prior installation of slotted liner filter.

This operation was designed by PERFOBUR to prevent wellbore collapsing and solids flow back during production therefore to increase the productivity and duration of economical life of the well.

  • Open hole length - 43ft;
  • Open hole diameter - 2 3/4";
  • Filter length - 37ft;
  • The outer diameter of the installed filter - 1 7/16".