Work was carried out on a gas condensate well, Beregovoye field


In August 2019, Novatek-PUR carried out work on a gas condensate well of the Beregovoye field. Target - sandstone reservoir of the Valanzhinsky tier. The well has been inactive since 2017 due to the presence of behind-the-casing flow of water from underlying aquifers. The customer carried out repair and insulation works on the elimination of behind-the-casing flow of water. All previous perforation intervals were eliminated - the well was completely tight. The Perfobur specialists drilled a 14 m long channel. The well was mastered by compression. A gas flow rate of 50 thousand m3 / day was obtained.

For the first time in world practice, Perfobur Company managed to milling a section (window) of a casing string (CS) of an estimated overall size (CS with a diameter of 139.7 mm from SM80L material), a specially developed small-sized downhole drilling motor and an experimentally selected mill, it is predicted to lower and accurately hit the prepared window with a drilling module layout, and then drill a channel in a sandstone reservoir. The mechanical speed in the interval of the reservoir reached 7 ... 11 m / h;

The radius of curvature of the drilled channels does not exceed - 8 m.